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Different Classes To Suit Everyone


All of our classes now come under our membership option. £34.50 for unlimited classes, booked from 1st of month to last day, no contract.

Metabolic Effect


A full body workout using weights to boost metabolism and aid fat loss

Indoor Cycling


An effective workout for all abilities, work at your own level to burn calories and tone the lower body

Fitness Pilates


A group exercise version of traditional Pilates, delivered in a contemporary style. We use a variety of equipment to strengthen core and improve posture and flexibility.

*Tuesday – Beginners and Intermediate
**Wednesday – A more advanced class for people with some experience of Fitness Pilates already.
***Friday – A slower paced, easier class ideal for beginners or anyone looking for a gentle end to the week



This dance class features high- and low-intensity intervals that help improve cardiovascular fitness while also enhancing balance, coordination, agility, and to some degree, strength through the application of beginner-accessible choreography.



An exercise class in which you move round the room in small groups trying different exercises and activities for short periods of time, taking on cardio, resistance and strength training activities at various stations

Get Fit Gently


Working in a small group, a gentler way to gain fitness for older people or those with pre-existing conditions

Legs, Bums & Tums


LBT is a full body aerobic workout that aims to tone up thighs, bum and stomach. LBT is helpful if you want to lose weight or improve your fitness level. Exercises include squats, lunges, jogging on the spot, small weights and bodyweight

“I started coming to the sports centre about 7 years ago. When a friend ask me if I would like to go with her to a Pilates class which I did and from there I joined more classes which as made me fitter and healthier
Would like to say all staff are welcome and friendly”

“I have been attending the Get Fit Gently sessions at MCSC since late 2018 and highly recommend them to anyone. I am retired and started the sessions because a friend recommended them and I also wanted to maintain and improve my physical fitness. I find the sessions excellent for my physical fitness they are also fun! I have made many new friends from amongst the group attending the sessions and all the staff are very friendly and helpful. I always look forward to the sessions and have also taken up Fitness Pilates at MCSC. I highly recommend the fitness sessions at MCSC.”
“April 2019 I had a heart attack so I needed to fine a place to exercise and I was recommended Malton Community Sport Centre. I looked up what was available and suitable for me and I found get fit gently would be ideal for me focusing on endurance, strength and recovery so I joined around mid/end 2019. When we returned after covid I also started doing Pilates classes helping better posture and strong core muscles and balance.

The reason I am still coming to both classes is they are good for my health the trainers and the people who go to the classes are friendly and it is a way of making friendships which is good for your wellbeing.

The sessions have helped me to keep fit and make friends who I socialise with.

So I would recommend the classes available at Malton Community Sport Centre it’s away of making friends and keeping fit.”

“Highly recommend MCSC for both the fitness and social aspects of life!

I have been attending classes at Malton Community Sports Centre for about 16 months now. I originally started to try out their LBT class as this type of workout benefits my running capabilities. I started with the pay as you go but quickly gained more strength and opted for circuits and spin as part of my weekly routine. I have seen vast improvements in my overall fitness and continue to ache after classes! The membership is great value for money if you progress to 2 or more classes a week. The instructors and supervisor are super friendly, knowledgeable, and quickly learn your capabilities and ensure all levels of fitness are considered. You can always have a laugh with them, and I can honestly say I have found some great friends and like-minded people in the classes.”