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Former Malton Junior Netball Club Player Ruth Aber Makes England Shadow Club

Following National Screening held at Sheffield EIS on Saturday 12th March, the following athletes were successful.

National Academy

The following athletes are selected into National Academy and will now attend camps at Easter and in August where final selections into the National Academy for 2016/17 will be made.

Sewa Adedoja – East; Halimat Adio* – London & South East;Reneè Austin – London & South East; Charlotte Curtis – South; Ashleigh Dekker – South; Sophie Drakeford-Lewis – South; Beth EcuyerDale – London & South East; Chloe Essam – East Midlands; Zara Everitt – East; Hannah Gorman – Yorks & Humerside; Leia Griffin – North West;Rosie Harris – Yorks & Humberside; Ally Housley – London & South-East; Annike Jinadu – North East; Lucy Johnson – North East; Paige McCalla – London & South East; Maddie Munro-Hall – East Midlands; Shona O’Dwyer – South West;Jasmin Odeogberin – London & South East; Lucy Parize – West Midlands; Ciara Patchett – Yorks & Humberside;Georgia Pexton – Yorks & Humberside; Emily Porter – London & South East; Ellie Rattu – East; Annabel Roddy – West Midlands; Sienna Rushton – East Midlands; Alexandra Shipley – Yorks & Humberside; Ella Standring – North West; Lucy Stevenson – North West; Gwyn Wallis – Yorks & Humberside; Hannah Williams – North West; Anya Wood – London & South East

*Subject to fitness

National Academy Potential Group

The following athletes will be invited to Positional Days, Tri-regional days and possible further opportunities.

Ruth Aber – Yorks & Humberside; Katie Bowen – East; Ellie Kelk – East; Laura Kelly – Yorks & Humberside;Hannah Leighton – West Midlands; Joanna Leslie – London & South East; Louise Marsden – Yorks & Humberside;Maya Meredith – South West; Phoebe Parker – East; Ella Powell-Davies – South West; Sophie Shipway – West Midlands; Kelsie Taylor – North West

England Netball would like to congratulate those athletes who have been selected.

Source: http://www.englandnetball.co.uk/news-and-media/latest-news/england-national-academy-players-selected_idb39f4cd7-13ea-4441-8d3c-4d03293cc477